Dr. Butch Losey, Ed.D., PCC-S, NCC
Infidelity Treatment
Marriage and Couple's Counseling

Welcome to my site. I am a counselor in Cincinnati . I specialize in marriage counseling.  I help couples with a variety of concerns including some of the following:

  • Dealing with the impact of infidelity or addressing an affair.
  • How to create more healthy and intimate communication.
  • How to establish appropriate couple boundaries with others outside the relationship.
  • Developing strategies to reduce conflict.
  • Creating or recreating intimacy in your relationship.
  • Stopping criticism and blame.
  • Developing relationship skills for young couples (and older couples too!).
  • Identifying and expressing feelings appropriately.
  • Issues with pornography.
You came to therapy for specific outcomes. When looking for a couple or marriage counselor, your prospective counselor should be able to speak to you in terms of outcomes achieved by past clients. When couples complete therapy at my practice, they typically show improvements in martial satisfaction on 12 different martial satisfaction scales, show significant reduction in relationship-related depression and anxiety, improvements in trust, improvements in effective communication and increases in goal specific attainment. Specific assessments are completed Pre and Post treatment to verify these changes. Post-Treatment phone consultation is used to support treatment gains and assess maintenance of change.

I have worked with young couples who need some structured guidance in their new marriage, worked with couples who have been married for years and need help creating new ways to regain love and affection, high conflict couples who respond in an instant to a perceived hurt by their partner and couples who were trying to rebuild their marriage after an affair.

I utilize a very positive and optimistic approach to therapy. My belief is that many, if not most marriages can be restored to good health even when the spouses are unhappy. I first explore with you how you and your spouse might preserve the marriage and find a way to a better relationship. I offer an assessment process that helps you assess the strengths and challenges in the relationship, which ultimately helps you understand your shared and individual goals and how best to proceed in therapy. Skill strengthening and strategies to deal with conflict are important parts to the process as well. Therapy session last between 1-1.5 hours, which is not typical of counseling sessions but necessary at times for couple or marriage counseling.

I encourage you to call so that we can sort through the many possibilities for re-creating your marriage and to consider if I am the correct therapist for you.

Other bits of information about me:

*I am an associate professor for Xavier University's Graduate Counseling Program

*I was the Executive Director of the Greater Cincinnati Counseling Association

*I am the owner and CEO of Waybridge Counseling Services in Cincinnati Ohio

*I am an international speaker and author of counseling related topics including couples counseling, bullying, suicide assessment and threat assessment.